Monday, May 01, 2006

another spelling story

Annie's homework assignment for today was to write a story using her spelling words for this week. She wrote as if writing the description on a book jacket. I wish I was a fraction as clever as she is!

This week's words:
lambent, blatherskite, wistfully, invertebrate, strategy, pediatrician, excitement, seethe, numerous, prominent, iridescent, cerulean, throughout, leisurely, extraordinary, humorous

This is the story of a rather humorous girl, a friendly pediatrician, and a cerulean invertebrate.

The girl, Ti, and her companion Patty, a prominent pediatrician, embark on a quest to free an important item from an evil blatherskite. The item, The Lambent Orb, an iridescent sphere, was once guarded by the Cerulean Star, an invertebrate. But she has been put to sleep. The duo comes up with a strategy to save the orb. Throughout the not-so-leisurely adventure, the seething blatherskite makes numerous attempts to murder Ti, but always fails. In the end, when the orb is retrieved, he wistfully dies of anger.

"What an extraordinary tale full of excitement!" --The New York Times


me said...

Wow, Annie! You ARE a clever young lady, and smart too. I didn't even know what a blatherskite was and had to look it up in the dictionary!

What an original idea for using your spelling words. Wonderful story!

Dawn said...

Annie that was a very clever way to use your words. NICE job. I sure hope you find something to do when you are grown that lets you use your talent!!! You have a wonderful gift!

take care,

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