Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Thunderstorm

A Thunderstorm
by Annie (age 9)

A storm is raging in the night.
The ground is soft and wet.
The cat is shaking in a fright,
While the mice squeak and fret.

The thunder's deep and rumbling boom,
The lightning's blinding flash,
Makes a confusion in my room.
I'm caught in Nature's fearsome clash.

Monday, September 25, 2006


by Annie (age 9)

Sailing through the tops of trees
Gently now, I'm at ease.
I race below a moonlit star
Reminds me of galaxies near and far.
Where they are, I cannot say.
No time to chat, got work today.

I must race around the world
Through trees twisted and leaves twirled.
Though what the reason, I cannot say,
Yes, oh yes, there's work today.

Even though there's work to do,
With a single thrust, I'm there for you.
I swirl around your big tree,
I laugh and howl for your family.
If you dare to try to race me,
I'll leave you in the dust, you see.

I fly, I fly, I fly so free
Cheer and smile and dance with me.
For I'm the wind, no time to play...
Work to do, work today.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wolf and Mouse

Wolf and Mouse
by Annie (age 9)

Wolf is sleeping in the night
While mouse watches, eyes wide in fright
For he knows he must pass by,
If home is where he wants to lie.
But sleeping wolf opens one eye
As mouse tries to scurry by.
Silent wolf sits in the snow
For what the sound is he must know.
There is no hope for little mouse
Who'll never again see his little house.
He spies wolf with jaws opened wide.
They will not say he never tried.