Monday, September 25, 2006


by Annie (age 9)

Sailing through the tops of trees
Gently now, I'm at ease.
I race below a moonlit star
Reminds me of galaxies near and far.
Where they are, I cannot say.
No time to chat, got work today.

I must race around the world
Through trees twisted and leaves twirled.
Though what the reason, I cannot say,
Yes, oh yes, there's work today.

Even though there's work to do,
With a single thrust, I'm there for you.
I swirl around your big tree,
I laugh and howl for your family.
If you dare to try to race me,
I'll leave you in the dust, you see.

I fly, I fly, I fly so free
Cheer and smile and dance with me.
For I'm the wind, no time to play...
Work to do, work today.