Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Evernight (book review)

In the suspenseful novel Evernight, Bianca finds herself attending the eerie Evernight Academy. She thinks her life is over...that is, until she meets Lucas. He's handsome, smart, and kind. But the school, and Bianca, are hiding a big secret from him. Except for a select few students, everyone at Evernight is a vampire. Evernight is one of the only places where they can relax and be themselves. Born to two vampires, Bianca is destined to become one herself someday. But it turns out Lucas is hiding a secret just as big, one that threatens to destroy the magical world of Evernight...and those in it...forever.

This was a great book. It wasn't as good as the Twilight saga, but then again it's hard to beat that series. At times it was a little confusing. For example, about halfway through the book, I learned that Evernight was a vampire school. Then, it was revealed that Bianca had known about the vampires all along. Overall, however, it was excellent. The characters were complex and realistic, and I felt like I actually knew them. I will definitely look for the next Evernight book, Stargazer.

This book was for the Young Adult Challenge 09.

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