Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beneath my Mother's Feet (book review)

Beneath My Mother's Feet, by Amjed Qamar, is a wonderful coming-of-age story which takes place in Pakistan. Nazia is a dutiful daughter, and does whatever her amma (mother) asks her to. She has never questioned the fact that she will soon be married off and have to tend to her husband's house. That is, until all the clothes for her dowry are stolen, her family is kicked out of their house, and her father abandons them all. Now Amma has arranged for them to work as house servants for three wealthy Pakistani families. Nazia has never wondered if there was another life for her, but now she begins to question all the rules she has grown up with. Perhaps there is another destiny out there for her. It is thoughts like these that eventually lead Nazia to rebel against the tame life planned for her and throw aside all the restrictions that have bound her for so long.

This book was wonderful! It introduced to me a world that is so different from the world that I know, a world where girls are married off at a very young age, with no say in the matter. I felt very bad for Nazia because of all the hardships she was going through, and sometimes I wondered if I would have been brave enough to do what she did if I were in her situation.

This book is for the Support Your Local Library Challenge.