Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wolf Tower (book review)

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

Wolf Tower, by Tanith Lee, is the story of sixteen-year-old Claidi, who, all her life, has served the spoiled royalty of the House, a sparkling oasis in the midst of the barren Waste (or so she has been taught). She never expects that her life could change until a handsome stranger, Nemian, arrives from the Waste. Claidi risks everything to rescue him, leaveing behind the only life she has known and accompanying him to his city ruled over by the mysterious Wolf Tower. Together they journey across barren deserts, through toxic jungles, across vast rivers, and all the while Claidi begins to think she could come to love Nemian..until they reach the Wolf Tower, and an unexpected betrayal leaves her trapped and confused. Will her real Prince Charming come and rescue her? Or will she be stuck here forever?

This was a great book. Claidi was a likeable heroine, and I enjoyed reading about her journeys across the "Waste". The plot had a twist at the end that I would never have suspected!

This book is for the What's in a Name Challenge 2.


Sharry said...

I LOVED this book! I'm glad you like it too! So many of my friends and fellow book bloggers find it lacking, but I love Claidi's spunk and I love Tanith Lee's style of writing.

Debi said...


Yes, I totally agree!