Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vampire Plagues Book One: London, 1850 (book review)

Vampire Plagues: London, 1850, by Sebastian Rook, is the story of Jack, a twelve- year-old urchin living by the docks of London. When a ship comes in at twilight, Jack knows it's an opportunity for him. However, Jack has never seen a ship like this one before. Only a young boy Jack's age and a flock of enormous black bats are found on the ship. Jack befriends the boy, Benedict Cole, and gets him to tell his horrifying tale of a failed expedition to Mexico and the strange disease that has come to London with him. Now Jack, Ben, and Ben's sister Emily are the only ones who can save London from a horrifying plague and an evil bat god with his minions, the vampires.

This story was full of adventure and horror. From the jungles of Mexico to the streets of London, there is never a boring part in this book! I have got to read the next one!

I give this book 9.5 out of 10 stars!


Bookfool said...

I'm so not into vampires, but you've made this one sound fun. The word "London" always helps. :)

Jean said...

It's an adult level book, but I'm thinking that you could handle it and would enjoy it. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova tells three Dracula stories simultaneously. One happens in the modern time; one is told through letters left behind by the main character's father; and one is the original Dracula story. The way they weave together is really neat. I'm amazed, too, that it was Ms. Kostova's first novel. What a debut!

Carl V. said...

That sounds really good. I haven't seen this one, I'll have to keep my eye out next time I am in the bookstore.

Debi said...


I definitely think you should read this one!


Debi said...


I think I would enjoy it, too! Thanks for telling me about it!


Debi said...

Carl V.--

You have got to read this book!


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