Monday, September 08, 2008

11,000 Years Lost (book review)

11,000 Years Lost, by Peni R. Griffin, is the story of 11-year-old Esther's journey back to the Pleistocene era. When Esther finds two ancient spear points on her school playground, they lead her to a doorway into the past. Esther steps 11,000 years back in time, not knowing that after she does, the doorway will disappear. She intends to stay for a few minutes exploring, then return home. But soon she finds herself stuck in Ice Age Texas, and she doesn't know when she will find another doorway. Soon Esther meets two girls who belong to a tribe of mammoth hunters, Ahrva and Tekinit. They bring her to their family, who adopts her thinking she is a child from the stars. When traveling with them, she finds herself face to face with dire wolves, scimitar cats, long legged bears, and mammoths, but never another doorway. Will Esther ever see her family again?

Although this book was a slow reader, it wasn't because it lacked excitement. It let the reader glimpse into the life of a person living in the Pleistocene. I was sad when this book ended, and eager to read more about Esther's adventures. I will definitely search for more books by this author!

This book was a substitute for the "Back to History Challenge and my "G" author for the A-Z Reading Challenge.

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