Monday, September 08, 2008

For Love of Insects (book review)

For Love of Insects, by entomologist Thomas Eisner, is a book devoted to his discoveries about the lives of arthropods. Although the title uses the word insects, Eisner's research isn't limited to them. He also talks about whipscorpions, spiders, and millipedes. The book mainly discusses chemical defenses, but it also has a chapter mainly devoted to the mating and reproduction of a certain kind of moth, and one devoted to insect camouflage.

I found the chapter about orb weavers especially interesting, because it talked about the web structure and how the spider decides when something is safe to eat and when it isn't. But honestly, I really enjoyed the whole book. I was glad for the full-color photographs, because they helped me see what he was talking about even better. I also learned a ton of new facts about insects and other arthropods, and it wasn't at all hard to understand because of the author's easygoing style. This is a must-have for any bug-lover's collection!

This is a substitute for the Nonfiction Five Challenge. It also fills in the slot for my "E" author in the A-Z Challenge.


Rich said...


I'm so glad you liked this book. I really loved it when I read it several years ago. Your review made me want to read it again. I'm glad you liked the spider chapter. Maybe we'll make an arachnologist out of you yet.

Anonymous said...

Great review! Jimmy loved this book as well.

Debi said...

Probably not, but who knows?

J. Kaye Oldner--
Thanks! Has Jimmy written a review of this book? If so, I'd love to read it!


Anonymous said...

Annie ~ He read this book before writing reviews for the blog. So unfortunately, I don't have one.

Jeane said...

My father at one point was studying to be an entymologist. I've always felt like I ought to learn more about insects. This looks like a good read. Nice review.