Sunday, November 30, 2008

I didn't make it

I didn't make it, but I got soooooooooooo close! I am ending tonight at 45,121. The only reason I'm stopping is that I have a test to study for tomorrow. But just because I didn't finish this month doesn't mean I'll stop working on my novel!


Chain Reader said...

That's still pretty amazing!! Good luck with the rest of the writing.

Nymeth said...

Well, even if you didn't make it I still want to congratulate you! That's an amazing achievement!

Jean said...

Yes, you are amazing, Annie, and definitely on my list of heroes. You rock most mightily!

Kim L said...

That is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Are you going to share anything more about your book with us?

cj said...

Wow. Considering the drama involved in your attempt this year, I'd say you're definitely a winner, regardless of the count!

Way to go.


Debi said...

Kim L--
Don't worry, I will. But I just want to finish it first. Then I will be posting a snippet or two from it.

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