Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Words!

I've gotten up to 5,547 words! I probably won't (no, make that definitely won't) reach my goal by tomorrow, but I hope I can still finish my story by the end of November...


Nymeth said...

Over 5000 words already! You're doing great, Annie :)

Kim L said...

Good luck with your new story! I'm impressed with how quickly you're getting back in the game.

Jean said...

I've pretty much given up on NaNo this year (October was way too busy and stressful for me to segue into NaNo in November), but I can login to the adult writer page.

Good luck with the new venture. I hope you make it!!!

Debi said...

Thanks...I haven't gotten very far since that, though.

Thank you! It's really hard, and I don't expect to make it, but I can always try!

That's too bad...I'm sure your story would have been great!!


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