Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop (book review)

Andy Warhol: Prince of Pop, by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, tells the story of the man who was perhaps the most well-known artist in the Pop Art movement. It was impossible not to notice him, with his crazy wigs, wild friends, and huge parties, not to mention his art, which was different from anything the public had seen before. Warhol compared making his art to working in a factory, even naming his studio the Factory. He took images of popular products and people and silk-screened them, mass-producing paintings of soup cans, coke bottles, boxes, and more. Warhol was different, but he wasn't afraid to be so, and he changed the art world forever.

This was a very good overview of Andy Warhol's life, quick but packed with information. Anyone interested in this artist, young or old, would find this to be an interesting and informative book. It covered his life in short chapters, from his childhood to his death, with several pages of pictures in between, of Warhol, his friends, and some of his famous paintings.

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Debi said...

Wish I had time to read this one before it's due back at the library. Guess I'll just have to look for it later, huh?
Love, Mom