Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dawn of Fear (book review)

Dawn of Fear, by Susan Cooper, is the story of three young boys, Derek, Peter, and Geoffrey, living in a small town outside of London during World War II. For them, air raids are a fact of life, and they happen almost daily. Derek views them as exciting but distant. They are dangerous, but not to him. He, Peter, and Geoffrey are working on a hidden camp in the woods by their neighborhood, and it's taking up all their time and attention...until a fierce attack by a rival neighborhood gang leaves them shocked and angry. And after they carry out a dangerous plan to get revenge on the gang, Derek leaves feeling unsettled, and with new feelings on the war and on fighting in general. And then, one night, after a particularly vicious air raid, his life will be changed forever...

This was a great book! It was very fast, but also very meaningful. There was plenty of action, and the ending was very moving. It was a great war book, but different from many others, focusing on the life of a boy on the home front and how the war affected his life. I would recommend it to readers of all ages!

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