Friday, December 28, 2007

All I got for Christmas was books (not really!)

I can not believe how many books I got for Christmas!

These are the ones I got from Santa (aka Mom and Dad):

These are the ones I got from Mom and/or Dad:

This is the really cool book I got from Jean (thanks Jean!):

I received these books from my Uncle John and Aunt Susan (and cousins Sean and Cole):

These are the books I received from our friends Aaron, Kara, and Bryn:

And last but not least, I got gift cards from both my uncle Butch and Carl (thanks Carl!). This is what I got with them:

It looks like I've got a ton of good reading ahead of me!


Chris said...

Wow! You did awesome Annie! You'll be finished all these in like a week, I'm sure :p I loved A War of Gifts and the Fablehaven book! Hope you enjoy them too! I'm supposed to be getting an advanced copy of the third Fablehave book soon...very excited about that :) Love that series! Enjoy all your books!

Nymeth said...

You do have some great reading ahead of you! Lyra's Oxford and Terry Pratchett's witch books are great, although the first is frustratingly short. I see that you got the Dark is Rising series... I am hoping to read those as well next year.

Enjoy your reading!

Jean said...

My son Steve recommended the Tolkien book. He's really into languages, having had four years of Spanish and a year each of Japanese, Chinese, and Latin. I hope you enjoy it as much as he said he did.

Carl V. said...

Great books! Santa, *cough* and everyone else did really well! You made great choices with your gift cards as well.

EnnaVic said...

Oh - nice books!

The Dark is Rising is on my all time favourites list. Approx 30 years ago I was introduced to them at a kids' library club I belonged to. The first book was published quite a lot earlier than the others, and some of the later ones were published while I was at the right age to read them. I waited with as much expectation as for Harry potter (although much less hyped *g*)

I hope you enjoy them just as much.

The Irish Fairies book looks good - just looked it up on Amazon

I only got one book for Christmas - an ecological history of New Zealand (sounds dry but I am very interested in evolutionary science and NZ has some wierd quirks) - I did get some vouchers though and have yet to spend them. I think Ilike the anticipation of them as much as the spending *g*

Happy New Year :)

Debi said...

No, I don't have them all finished, but I've read four of them. Unfortunately, tomorrow it's back to school!

I've already read Lyra's Oxford and Equal Rites, and I loved them both!

Tell Steve thank you, because I love the book! I'm jealous that he got to study all of those languages!

Yeah, thanks again for the gift card! There's nothing more fun than shopping at the bookstore!

Thanks! The Dark Is Rising books do look really good! Happy New Year to you, too!


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