Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wolf (book review)

Wolf, by Gillian Cross, is the story of Cassie, a young girl who has always lived with her Nan. That is, until she hears mysterious footsteps one night. The next day she is sent to live with her mother in a slum. Cassie helps her mother and her mother's friends with their traveling show about wolves, but she never really feels like it's something she enjoys doing. Then, a threatening note appears on the side of their van. It's signed, The Big Bad Wolf. Cassie leaves on a journey to save her Nan, who is in danger from the note's author. In the process, she learns more about wolves and her long-lost father than she ever wished to.

This isn't the typical coming-of-age story. It is the story of a young girl maturing over time, but also packed into the plot are wolves, traveling shows, plastic explosives, and terrorists. It's a story of suspense that will have you wanting to stay up all night to finish!

I give this book 9 out of 10 stars.


Jean said...

Sounds very interesting. It was hard to tell, though, from your review if the story is set in this world, in the present, or in some kind of alternate world. Plastic explosives and terrorists make it sound very here and now, but other elements of the review made it sound more other-worldly. Care to enlighten me?

Debi said...

It's set in this world and it's in the present. I thought it was a really good book!


Shay said...

Thanks for writing this short review Annie, it helped me find this book after 13 years. It was a childhood memory I couldn't find on the typical bookseller website despite remembering everything about it but the author's name.
Very much appreciated.

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