Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Moorchild (book review)

The Moorchild, by Eloise McGraw, is the story of Saaski. She is half Moorfolk and half human, and she threatens the safety of her Moorfolk companions because she cannot shape-shift or disappear at will. She is swapped with a human child as a changeling. Saaski is treated unfairly by all the village children because of her strange looks. The only place she feels at home is on the moor with her bagpipes at hand. But when memories of her life with the Moorfolk resurface, Saaski feels that it is her duty to bring back her mother and father's real child.

This book is different from the other stories I've read about changelings. They are usually portrayed as ugly or dumb children whom the Fairies have swapped for a real human child. I never thought about how a changeling would feel. Saaski didn't understand emotions such as love or hate, but she did feel sadness and happiness, as well as anger and jealousy.

I give this book 8.5 out of 10 stars.