Monday, August 04, 2008

All My Patients are Under the Bed (book review)

All My Patients are Under the Bed, by Dr. Louis J. Camuti, is the tale of his career making house calls for pets in New York City. His job is not limited merely to cats. He has also visited pigeons, monkeys, and ocelots, as well as a few dogs. This has led the author to conclude, "If an animal can fit through an apartment window in Manhattan, someone will have it as a pet."
Camuti has treated celebrity cats, burglar cats, wildcats, and even a ghost cat! And there are spots in his heart...and in this book...for all of them.

This book was a very fast read, faster than I expected. It was heartwarming and funny, but also very sad. Some of the stories are of heartfelt goodbyes, others of bright new beginnings. And you learn a lot along the way, as well, about the behavior of cats, and also how to care your best for them.

This book was for the Nonfiction five Challenge.