Sunday, August 31, 2008

Faerie Wars (book review)

Faerie Wars is the first in a series of fantasy books by Herbie Brennan. When the main character, Henry Atherton, helps his old neighbor Mr. Fogarty clean up his house, the last thing he expects to find is a faerie. But that's exactly what he does find. Pyrgus Malvae, the Crown Prince of the Faerie Realm, is on the run from treacherous evildoers, and he needs to find a way back to his world. Mr. Fogarty helps the faerie build a portal back to his dimension, but something goes terribly wrong, and Henry may be the only one who can save Pyrgus and his family. But as Henry is drawn deeper and deeper into a conflict betweeen two Faerie clans, he finds that the world of Faerie is more complicated than he originally thought.

This book was very complex, and with each new chapter the suspense built up even more. I found it very exciting and dynamic, and I think it's lucky that I already own the next two in the series, or I'd want to head out to buy them immediately! It was a superb mix of fantasy, science fiction, humor, and adventure. What more could you want?