Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Mini Challenge

I've decided to participate in Sharon's mini-challenge. Here are my answers:

1. Go to this website. Find on the map a library cat that lives/lived closest to you (there are library cats in Canada). What is the cats name? What library is/was it located in?

George lives in Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca.

2. Which library does Dewey live in?

Dewey lived in Seymour Public Library in Auburn.

3. What is the name of the library cat documentary film that Dewey was in?

Dewey was in the documentary Puss in Books: Adventures of the Library Cat.

4. What is Dewey's full name?

Dewey's full name is Dewey Readmore Books.


Anonymous said...

Good job! And good luck!

Debi said...



Sarah G said...

Aren't library cats awesome? Good job!

Debi said...

Sarah G.--
I agree with you--they are awesome, and thanks!


Nise' said...

Great job Annie! You have read some of my favorites! Read on.

Dewey said...

Aw! Maybe my full blogname can be Dewey Readmore Books!

Debi said...

Your page counts boggles my mind, Miss Annie! And of course, I know the even more amazing thing is that I could ask you any question from any one of those books and you'd have no trouble answering me. Way to go, sweetie! Good luck!
Love you! Mom

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