Monday, June 29, 2009

Ghostly Encounters (book review)

Ghostly Encounters, by Frances Kermeen, is a book about the haunted inns and hotels of America. Starting with what has been called the most haunted house in America, the Myrtles Plantation, the author brings us on a journey across the U.S., from California to Maine. Read about ghostly bears, stallions, and cats. Encounter evil dolls, floating candles, and lovers reunited after death. These stories are fascinating and will keep you up all night! There was a nice range of stories in this book. Some were scary, some were bittersweet, and some were funny. At the end of each story, Ms. Kermeen also provides detailed information about the hotel, including contact info, dining info, and the best rooms to check into if you want to have a ghostly encounter.