Monday, June 22, 2009

May Bird: Warrior Princess (book review)

May Bird: Warrior Princess, by Jodi Lynn Anderson, is the final installment in the May Bird trilogy. It has been three years since ten-year-old May Bird wandered into the land of the dead, a magical place called the Ever After. It was claimed that May and her cat, Somber Kitty, were the only ones who could save the Ever After from certain doom. But, when May found a chance to escape the Ever After and return home, she took it, leaving her friends behind. Now, at thirteen, May is ready to return to the afterlife. But she gets her wish in a most unexpected way...she dies. And the Ever After now is not what it once was. It has been turned into a vast wasteland ruled by the evil spirit Bo Cleevil. Can May find her friends and finally become the warrior princess she was always destined to be?

I think this was probably the best of all three books in the series, even though they were all great. The characters were interesting and dynamic, and the book was just the right mix of fantasy, horror, and humor.