Saturday, June 06, 2009

Julie's Wolf Pack (book review)

I know I haven't written a book review for the last few books I've read, so I decided to write one for this book. It is the sequel to the bestselling book Julie of the Wolves. In the story, we follow a wolf pack in the Alaskan tundra through their daily life. The leader of the pack, Kapu, keeps the pack together, despite frequent challenges from an annoying wanna-be, Raw Bones. They face hardships and celebrate the birth of new pups. Although they lose many pups to the tundra, some grow and survive to become future hunters. The first big change comes when a newcomer, Ice Blink, joins the pack. Although none of the wolves know it, Ice Blink harbors the rabies virus. After her pack was destroyed by an epidemic, she moved on. Luckily, the virus is contained and none of the wolves (except for Ice Blink) die. But when Kapu suddenly disappears near the end of the book, his daughter Sweet Fur Amy must take the stage. Can she handle being the new alpha? And will Kapu return?

This was a great book for any wolf lover to read. It was written in beautiful but easy to read prose, and I thought it was interesting to look into the life of a wolf pack.


Nymeth said...

It's great to see you posting, Annie! I've missed your reviews. I love animal stories, so this sounds like my kind of book :)

Amanda said...

Hi Annie! I never read Julie of the Wolves when I was younger but have it on my shelf now. I look forward to reading it. I didn't know there was a sequel.

Debi said...


Thanks! This really was a great book, and a quick read, too.


I didn't know there was at first either, until I found it at a library sale a few weeks ago. I think there's a third book, too, but I'm not sure.


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