Saturday, September 05, 2009

My Sister the Vampire: Switched

My Sister the Vampire: Switched, by Sienna Mercer, is the story of two sisters, Ivy and Olivia. Adopted by different parents when they were babies, they have never known each other...until Olivia moves to Franklin Grove and starts eighth grade at the same school as Ivy. Soon, they meet and discover that not only are they sisters, but they're twins--identical twins!

Ivy and Olivia are brimming with plans to switch places and try out life in one another's shoes. But Ivy has a secret--she's a vampire, and she's not the only one in Franklin Grove. Will she tell Olivia, or will her sister find out the hard way?

This was, overall, a good book. It was nice to read if you want something quick, light, and funny. However, sometimes it seems as if the author came up with a quick explanation for some parts of the book to keep the plot from becoming more complicated. But that was my only problem with it, and I'd definitely recommend it to fans of vampire books.

This book was for the RIP IV Challenge.


Carl V. said...

The idea sounds like a fun one...almost a Freaky Friday with a vampire! :)

The cover is very fun as well. Not sure exactly how to describe that style of art, but I do enjoy it.

Debi said...


I agree, I liked the cover as well!


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