Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warriors: Graystripe's Adventures (book review)

Graystripe's Adventures, by Erin Hunter, is actually a set of three graphic novels centering on the warrior cats who are also featured in Hunter's novels, Warriors. These three books (The Lost Warrior, Warrior's Refuge, and Warrior's Return) chronicle the life of the ThunderClan deputy Graystripe after he is kidnapped by "twolegs" (humans). His story begins after he has been taken to a twoleg house. He has plenty of food and shelter, and the twolegs are kind to him, but Graystripe can't forget his home in the forest. So he sets out for home, and along the way is joined by a friendly housecat named Millie. They meet several unlikely new allies and face difficulties that will push both of them to the limit...but they are both in for the ultimate shock when they arrive at the forest to find it...destroyed. Can Graystripe and Millie use their tracking skills to find what remains of ThunderClan, or is this the end of the road for them?

I really enjoyed these graphic novels. They were nice and quick, certainly not time-consuming at all. If you've read the original Warriors books, I'd definitely recommend these to you. However, if you haven't, don't read these yet--wait until you've read Warriors first!


Debi said...

Sheesh finished your family challenge read in less than a day! Trying to show the rest of us up or what? ;) Hope you remember them by the time our chat session rolls around. :D

Love, Mom

Jeane said...

I tried one Warriors book, but never continued in the series. I think I'd like to check out the graphic novel, but ought to go back and read more Warriors books first!

eda said...




Nicola said...

I really want to read these but I've only read the first two Warriors books so far. Loved them! Hope to get back to them soon.

Debi said...


I'll remember them...:P


I definitely think you should read the rest! They're really good; these graphic novels take place in the middle of the second series of novels (The New Prophecy)so I think it'd make a lot more sense to you if you read the other books first ;)


I agree, the Warriors books are great! I'd definitely read the rest if you can--they just keep getting better!