Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Black Gryphon (book review)

The Black Gryphon is a fantasy by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. It was about the mythical creature the gryphon. In the story, there is a war going on between two mages, Ma'ar and Urtho. One of the war's greatest heroes is the Black Gryphon, Skandranon Rashkae. But when Skan is sent on a mission and doesn't return, his closest friend Amberdrake, a Healer from the Kaled'a'in people, starts worrying. Skan is always home on time. Is it the end of the Black Gryphon?

I believe the book could use more action, but overall it was a good fantasy. Someday I might read the next book in the series, The White Gryphon, but there are other books that I'm definitely planning to read first.

I give this book 7 out of 10 stars.

The Once Upon a Time Challenge: one book down, four to go.


Jean said...

One book down, four to go? I guess you wrote your review before you added the next set of books to the list. What fun, though! Since you're on soring break this week, I hope you're reading your challenge lists and not the school one. You've got some great books chosen. Some of them, my kids and/or I have enjoyed; others, I've never heard of but might look into.

booklogged said...

Good review, Annie. Since you didn't care for this book that much I think I'll not bother reading it.

Kailana said...

That's sad that this book did not go over well, Lackey is a great author with her other books. Don't let this be your deciding factor on whether you will read others or not!

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