Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ocean Joys

Ocean Joys
by Annie (age 10)

Ocean waves
Devour the sand
Leaving their own gifts in return
of shiny stones and shells.

A pair of cormorants
Flies across the ocean blue
Snapping at the fish,
and chittering in joy.

A young boy holds a shining stone.
The sun glints off its face.
He listens to the sea in a shell
waves lapping at his ears.

Another day has passed by.
The blue sky fades away.
The sea grass waves in the wind.
Another day awaits.


Jean said...

Your imagery is beautiful, Annie! It makes me want to visit the beach again. I haven't been in several years, and I really miss it. One of the reasons I like living here in central Virginia is that both the mountains (well, Eastern mountains) and the beach are close.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm impressed! You've got a talent there for sure! Great job!

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