Saturday, January 05, 2008

Larklight (book review)

Larklight, by Philip Reeve, is the story of Art Mumby and his annoying sister Myrtle. They live in a magnificent, floating house called Larklight. The story takes place in an alternate Victorian England, where Britain's Empire expands beyond the reaches of Earth. Art and Myrtle have a pretty normal life with their father (well, as normal as your life can be when your house is floating around in space) until he receives a mysterious letter from a "Mr. Webster". As it turns out, Mr. Webster is actually the leader of a long-lost race of mysterious, giant spiders whose hideout is on Saturn. When their house is attacked by the spiders and their father (supposedly) eaten, Art and Myrtle escape on a small ship to the Moon. There, they meet Captain Jack Havock, who is Myrtle's age, and his ragtag crew of aliens. Jack welcomes them aboard his old ship, the Sophronia. But Mr. Webster is still on their tail. He wants something from
Art and Myrtle, but what is it? And what will he do to get it?

The plot of this story was filled with twists and turns. There were also great illustrations on some pages. The book was a mix of humor, fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I can't wait to read the sequel!


Eva said...

This sounds interesting! Thanks for the good review. :) (and thanks for welcoming me to your challenge...somehow I overlooked your comment until today!)

Debi said...




Erin said...

Sounds like a fun mix between fantasy and sci-fi. I enjoyed reading the review. You have a wonderful style in your writing. :)


Carl V. said...

I've seen this in the store and love the look of it. Glad to hear that it was so much fun.

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