Monday, January 14, 2008

Underworld (book review)

Underworld, by Catherine MacPhail, is the story of Fiona, Angie, Zesh, Axel, and Liam. They hate each other at school. They all believe things can't get any worse when they are picked for a school field trip to a remote Scottish island. However, things do get worse when they are all trapped in the labyrinth of caves under the island and their teacher is nearly killed. They must use their wits if they want to survive. And everyone has the feeling that something is watching them, because deep beneath the ground, something is stirring.

Underworld was a funny, spooky story that tells of five dejected teenagers with no friends and how being stuck with only each other to help them survive changes them in ways they don't yet know. It was also the story of a lost legend and a monster. I definitely enjoyed this one!