Monday, January 07, 2008

Tithe (book review)

Tithe, by Holly Black, is the story of Kaye--she's fierce, tough, and independent, and she travels with her mother's rock band. However, one day they are forced to go stay with Kaye's grandmother. Everything is fine until one night, at a party, strange things start happening. Kaye enchants a cute boy and makes a rocking horse come to life. Then, on her way home, she meets Roiben. He's a handsome faerie knight who's dying. However, with Kaye's help, Roiben is on his way again. But by helping Roiben, Kaye gets caught up in a conflict between two faerie courts, the Seelie and the Unseelie. Visited by her own faerie friends from her childhood, Kaye discovers a shocking secret--she too is faerie and she has her own important role to play in this battle.

This book wasn't my favorite, but I did enjoy it. I liked how these faeries seemed wild and fierce, instead of the calm, innocent versions of childhood stories. I'd like to read the sequel someday, but there are definitely other books I'd like to get to first.


Carl V. said...

I thought Tithe was okay, but not great. I enjoyed the Spiderwick books by her and Tony DiTerlizzi so much more.

Boudicca said...

I really didn't like Tithe much...although I agree - I like books where Faerie Folk aren't so sweet and innocent!

nessie said...

never even heard of it. thanks for pointing it out.

Lex said...

I thought that tithe was awesome- till i read twilight by stephanie meyer. It is an amazing book about a love hate romance between a mortal girl and vampire. But before you judge it you have to give it a try. Also the length is no big deal. Its a real page turner~

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