Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amelia's War (book review)

This book is also for the Back To History Challenge.

Amelia's War, by Ann Rinaldi, is the story of Amelia, a young girl living in a small Maryland town during the Civil War. Neighbors and friends are torn apart because of their beliefs about the war. Amelia makes a special pact with her best friend Josh not to take sides. She doesn't want the war to ruin their friendship! However, that pact is tested when the Confederate Army marches into town with Josh's uncle as their leader. He wants the town to give his army supplies, and if it doesn't, he threatens to burn the town to the ground. Will Josh stick with Amelia, or will he help his uncle? The fate of Amelia's only home depends on his choice.

I really enjoyed this book. It built up the suspense at the end and then left me feeling satisfied with its conclusion. This was one of my favorites reads by Ann Rinaldi so far. I'm using a lot of her other books for the history challenge, and I hope they're all as good as this one!