Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Divide (book review)

This book is also for the 1st in a Series Challenge.

The Divide, by Elizabeth Kay, is the story of Felix. He's always had a severe heart problem, and he hates never knowing what day will be his last. Then, Felix wanders off in the jungles of Costa Rica. He faints on the Continental Divide--and falls right through it!
When Felix awakes, he finds himself in an upside-down dimension where mythical beasts are real and humans are mythical! He befriends Betony, an intrepid elf girl, and Ironclaw, a griffin who absolutely adores math. Can they help him find a cure for his illness and return home?

At the same time, Betony's sister and brother, Tansy and Ramson, along with friends Agrimony and Digger, are sparking a revolution in their world. Their mission is to stop the villainous pixie Snakeweed from poisoning the magical creatures of the world! The two groups will meet, and each will unknowingly help the other. In a world where science and magic collide, anything can happen!

This book was even better than the last one I read, The Fire Within. I'm glad that there are two more to go in this series! The unique and varied characters and settings provided for an amazing story!