Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Was A Rat! (book review)

I Was A Rat!, by Philip Pullman, is the story of young Roger. He shows up one night on Bob and Joan's porch, insisting that he was a rat. That may have been so, but what is he now? The hospital nurse insists that he's a victim of "Rodent Delusion". Mr. Tapscrew wants to turn this little boy into nothing more than a fairground freak. And Billy's sure that he'll learn to thieve pretty quickly. But Roger is just a boy. Yes, he's a little ratty, but he's just a boy. The only problem is--how will Bob and Joan convince the rest of the world?

This book was fast and unbelievably good. It was a twist on a common fairy tale, though you might not be able to guess which one at first. It definitely wasn't as good as His Dark Materials, but I loved it all the same!