Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nod's Limbs (book review)

Nod's Limbs, by Charles Ogden is one of several books about two mischievous twins named Edgar and Ellen. They wear old, ratty footie pajamas and live in a gothic tower on the edge of the forest. And they're always pranking the innocent citizens of their town. When the will of Augustus Nod, founder of the town, is discovered behind a painting, it gives the townspeople six difficult riddles to solve. Whoever solves the riddles will discover the location of Nod's golden limbs (his golden statue's limbs, that is, not his REAL limbs). Suddenly the normally peaceful townspeople have gone mad with gold fever! Edgar and Ellen are determined to have the limbs for themselves, but in their quest to get rich, they end up unearthing something MUCH more important.

I enjoyed this book fairly well. It was cute, and it provided plenty of laughs. Although at times I felt as if it was just a little bit too outlandish, over all it was pretty good. It was a very quick read, which is nice sometimes. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, as you'll see if you check my "Books I've Read In 2009" list.

This book is for my What's In A Name Challenge as well as for the 999 Challenge, in my "Books Borrowed from Gray" category.


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