Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pita-Ten Volume 1 (book review)

Pita-Ten Volume 1, by Koge-Donbo, is the story of a schoolboy named Kotarou. Kotarou's mother is dead, and his father is always on business trips, so Kotarou spends most of his time alone...until a strange girl named Misha moves in next door. She follows him around, always popping up at inopportune moments, such as in the middle of class. She also claims to be an angel whose mission is to make people on Earth, particularly Kotarou, safe and happy. But what will she do when Kotarou finds her antics more annoying than amusing?

This book was okay. It wasn't the best manga I've ever read, and it was kind of annoying sometimes. I don't think I will be getting the next ones, except maybe from the library. I'd only pick it up if you have nothing else to read.

This book was for the Random Reading Challenge.


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