Friday, May 09, 2008

Dragonsdale (book review)

Dragonsdale, by Salamandra Drake, is the story of Cara. She lives with her father, Dragonmaster Huw, at a riding school called Dragonsdale. Cara's friends, Wony and Breena, are busy getting ready for the Island Championships, where they and their dragons will compete against others at an exciting event. Cara herself has been forbidden to ride since her mother's terrible accident a long time ago. But against her father's wishes, Cara trains the wild dragon named Skydancer in secret and dreams of a day when they can take flight with her friends.

I liked how the dragons in this world were like the horses in our world, and how the author took a fearsome creature and turned it into a girl's best friend. I want to read the next novel, Riding the Storm, soon!