Monday, May 26, 2008

Nancy Drew (book reviews)

I read three Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene, The
Clue of the Tapping Heels
, The Haunted Bridge, and the Secret of the Golden Pavilion. In the first book, the intrepid detective Nancy Drew has to tackle two mysteries at once. She must catch both a mysterious catnapper and a strange code tapper. All the while, she has to watch her step--because someone (or something) is following her, and leaving a trail of sabotage behind.

In the second book, Nancy and her friends head to the Deer Mountain lodge to participate in a golf tournament, while Nancy works on her latest case with her father, who is trying to catch a ring of jewel thieves. Although Nancy is already busy, she can't resist investigating a so-called "haunted" bridge deep in the woods. But what Nancy finds may lead to one of her most difficult cases yet...

The final Nancy Drew book that I read for this challenge was set in Hawaii. Nancy and her father are trying to catch an elusive gang called the Double Scorps. Then, Nancy gets an invitation from one of her father's friends to his mansion in Hawaii, along with her friends! While there, mysteries keep popping up. Who are the two twins who claim to have inherited a share of the mansion from their grandfather? What is the secret of the strange golden pavilion down by the beach? Is it haunted? Are members of the Double Scorps hiding out in Hawaii? And, most important of all, how are these events all connected? Find out the answers to all these questions when you read The Secret of the Golden Pavilion!

I enjoyed all of these books, but the Haunted Bridge was my favorite. It was just the right mixture of creepy, funny, and suspenseful to make a great mystery book. I thought The Secret of the Golden Pavilion was interesting, especially because, when this book was written, Hawaii had just joined the Union. I was wondering...if Carolyn Keene had written the book in today's time, would it have been different? The Clue of the Tapping Heels was a good book too, and I liked how the separate events all connected in the end.