Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ratha's Creature (book review)

Ratha's Creature, by Clare Bell, is the engaging tale of a clan of intelligent wildcats, the Named, who have a civilized society with laws and traditions. However, the savage and uncivilized raiders of the Un-Named are pushing the clan to the edge of survival. But when Ratha, who is just a yearling, discovers a weapon she calls the Red Tongue (fire), it may change everything. However, Ratha's discovery provokes the anger of the foolish and unwise clan leader, Meoran, and Ratha is banished to the ranks of the Un-Named.

In order to survive among the Un-Named, Ratha must push herself to the limit. She must fight and kill like she has never done in her time with the Named. Then comes the time that will change it all: Ratha must participate in a killing spree against her own clan!

I really enjoyed this book. I thought Ratha was a clever and thoughtful heroine who many people could relate to, even though she is a wildcat. Although the book was sad at times, it turned out all right in the end and I am interested to see what new adventures await in the second book, Clan Ground.


rathacat said...

Hi Annie,

I just came across your very thoughtful and wonderful review of my novel, Ratha's Creature. I just wanted to thank you and am glad you enjoyed the book.

Incidentally, we're neighbors on Blogger. I have a blog called The Scratching Log, about the series.
Please see

There are now 5 novels in the series, with the release of Ratha's Courage as an E-book.

Thanks again,
Clare Bell

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