Friday, May 30, 2008

Greenwitch (book review)

Greenwitch is the third in the Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper. In the story, the three Drew children set out towards the coastal town of Trewissick in search for a lost grail that is of great importance to them. Another boy joins them on their quest. His name is Will Stanton, and he appears to be shy and goofy. But appearances aren't everything, for deep inside, Will has the heart of an Old One, an ancient Immortal. He is wiser than they think.
The three mortal children are also unaware of the sinister importance of the Greenwitch, a strange symbol woven of leaves and branches that is thrown into the sea every year. They do not know that the Greenwitch is truly alive, and it has something that they dearly need...

Although this book was good, I don't think it was as good as the first two. It was shorter, but that wasn't what I really meant. It just didn't have the same sense of adventure and mystery as the first two. It was more like a stereotypical fantasy-quest story. It was however, unique in the sense of the Greenwitch and the Old Ones. I still enjoyed it greatly, and I am definitely sticking with the last two.