Thursday, June 19, 2008

100 Cupboards (book review)

100 Cupboards, by ND Wilson, is the story of 100 magical cupboards that are, in fact, portals to other worlds. Henry and his cousin Henrietta discovered these magical cupboards. Immediately, they begin to investigate. At first, they were really just fooling around, peeking through doors and poking around. Then, Henrietta starts to talk of going through the cupboards. One day she disappears. Henry sets out on a quest to find her. But, unknown to him, a hideous witch is spreading evil in his home. Will Henry find Henrietta and get back in time to save themselves and their family?

This was a funny, dark adventure, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, except for the witch. She was, of course, essential to the story, but the witch was so grisly that it made me shudder. Of course, that's good for a spooky part of the story, isn't it?

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