Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bright Shadow (book review)

Bright Shadow, by Avi, is the tale of Morwenna. She's the lowliest servant in the castle of ruthless King Ruthvin, until she finds an old man who gives her five wishes. They are the last wishes in the land, and now Morwenna is their keeper, called the Wizard. Her best friend Swen mistakenly believes that it is he who has the last wishes, as does Ruthvin. The king is chasing after Sven, sure that the Wizard is a threat to his throne. Morwenna, running with him, has to keep her secret, and keep him safe at the same time...with only five wishes. Will she be able to juggle all of these challenges?

This book was enjoyable, but not as much as some other of Avi's other books have been. It was an incredibly quick read, with a fast-paced plot and interesting characters.

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