Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Map That Breathed (book review)

The Map That Breathed, by Melanie Gideon, is the story of two children, Billy and Nora. Billy is a Gatemaker; he makes windows and doors into other worlds. Nora, in turn, is his Traveler. She's the one who goes through the doors.

When one day Nora vanishes through a door into a world called Sanasarea and doesn't return, Billy knows something is wrong. When an ancient evil from Sanasarea escapes into Billy's world, he is left to confront it on his own. And Nora has to face the shocking truth about her family's past.

This was a good fantasy adventure. It had the right balance of magic and good/evil to weave a fascinating tale. The story was unique, unlike any other fantasy I've read. And it was a fast read. I highly recommend this book!

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