Thursday, June 12, 2008

Physik (book review)

Physik, by Angie Sage, is the third book in the Septimus Heap series. In this story, Septimus Heap and Princess Jenna find themselves confronted with the same problem: a snobby and vicious ghost queen whom Septimus's father had accidentally released from her prison. Queen Etheldredda's vicious pet aie-aie has been spreading a horrible sickness through their homeland. And if that isn't bad enough, Queen Etheldredda lures Septimus and Jenna into a trap, and manages to push Septimus through a "Glass", a mysterious artifact which distorts time.
Now, Septimus finds himself hundreds of years away from the current time. He is taken in by an Alchemist, Marcellus Pye, and becomes his apprentice, all the while trying to think of ways to return to his own time.

Soon Jenna, along with her new Northern friends, Snorri and Ullr, and her brother Nicko, head into the Glass. She is determined to find Septimus. But unbeknownst to them, they had traveled back to the time when Queen Etheldredda was alive and ruling! Jenna is mistaken for Etheldredda's sorely mistreated daughter Esmerelda, and is locked in the castle for (according to Etheldredda) running away. How can she save Septimus if she's locked up for something she didn't do? It's up to Snorri, Ullr, and Nicko to save the day!

I loved this book! I thought it was probably the best yet. It was hilarious, fast-paced, and light. I want the next book, Queste, to come out in paperback now!

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