Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to the Divide (book review)

Back to the Divide, by Elizabeth Kay, is the second book in the Divide Trilogy. Felix is back, and, unfortunately, so is Snakeweed, the evil pixie who spread terror in the first book. This time, Snakeweed steals the spell to get across the Divide from Felix, and freezes his parents in the process! To find a cure, Felix heads to the alternate world he learned about the summer before in Costa Rica. He has his old friends, Betony, the elf, and Ironclaw and Thornbeak the griffins, to help him. To heal Felix's parents, they will have to travel deep into hidden deserts and face sphinxes, evil genies, and a pack of sabertooth-tigers.

Meanwhile, back in Felix's own world, two scientists have discovered Felix's frozen parents and, to their dismay, they find that whatever touches the frozen adults also freezes. They start studying it immediately. Felix knows that magic being discovered on Earth will have a disastrous effect. Can he fix the dilemmas in both his own world and the magical one?

I enjoyed this book even more than the first! It was nice to see more sides of the land across the Divide, and it was interesting to see that our world's problems and that world's problems were very similar--as were their solutions.