Friday, April 25, 2008

Stargirl (book review)

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli, is the story of a normal high school with normal students (including Leo, the story's narrator). But all that changes when Stargirl comes to school. She wears outrageous clothes, plays the ukelele, and brings her pet rat, Cinammon, to school.

At first, the students of Mica High are dazzled by Stargirl. She suddenly becomes the most popular girl in school. Everybody is strumming their ukelele at lunch, and the pet store is sold out of rats. Then, people begin to turn on her for everything that makes her different. Leo, who finds himself fascinated by her, urges Stargirl to change her ways and try to fit in with everybody else. This is the very thing that could destroy her.

I love this book! It's a moving story about a typical high school and about girl who thought differently than most. I am excited to read the sequel, which is told from Stargirl's point of view.