Sunday, April 20, 2008

Icefire (book review)

Icefire, by Chris D'Lacey, is the continuing story of David, whom I first met in The Fire Within. For nearly a year he has lived with the mysterious Elizabeth Pennykettle, her daughter Lucy, and their clay dragons (which come to life, by the way). But things are starting to get even stranger than they usually are. A mystic, white bear is stalking David, and a mysterious woman appears at their doorstep with wicked plans for the dragons. Now, David and his goth friend Zanna have to get to the bottom of this mystery, save David's new home, and discover the true power of the icefire!

This was a thrilling story about bears, dragons, and witches. It was even more intense than the previous book, and as it ended I was left wishing I had the next book to immediately dive into. Unfortunately though, it will just have to wait.