Friday, April 25, 2008

Red Scarf Girl (book review)

Red Scarf Girl, by Ji-Li Jiang, is a true story about the Cultural Revolution. The author is twelve years old in the book. At the beginning, she is a model student at the top of the class. But as the story progresses, she is ridiculed by fellow students born into "red" families, for Jiang was born into a "black" family. All around her, lives are being ruined and families torn apart. People commit suicide. Homes are destroyed. When Jiang's own father is detained, she faces the most difficult decision of her life--she can testify against her father in court and be given all the honors and privileges that red children have, or she can be forced to bear even more pain. What will Ji-Li decide?

This was an incredibly sad story. It's impossible for me to imagine being in her place. I am glad that I didn't live in China during this time.