Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Moon (book review)

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer, is the sequel to the bestselling book Twilight. Isabella Swan and her boyfriend, a beautiful vampire named Edward, are facing all sorts of problems in their relationship. They are still recovering from a brutal attack that happened not so long ago. When Edward's brother Jasper nearly kills Bella after smelling her blood, Edward decides that he can't put her life in danger any more. He and his family vanish without a trace.

Their disappearance leaves Bella broken inside, until she decides to go visit her Native American friend Jacob. He breaks her shell, and she discovers the light again. But then, Jacob gets mixed up with a gang of werewolves who recruit him to protect the reservation.

Meanwhile, Edward is heading to his death. After hearing a rumor that Bella has committed suicide (she did go cliff diving), he decides to visit the most powerful vampire family ever, the only ones who can kill him. Bella and her vampire friend Alice have to stop him before he dies!

When the vampire family returns after the incident, Bella realizes she will have to make a choice. Werewolves and vampires can not be together. It's either Jacob or the Cullens. Inside, she knows who she will choose, but that won't change the pain she feels inside her.

I thought this book was even more exciting than the first, which is hard to believe. The addition of werewolves made Bella's life a lot more complicated and interesting. In the end she knew she had to choose between Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire. I hope to get Eclipse from the library soon.


Alessandra said...

I loved this book much more than the fisrt one because there wasn't so much Edward in it. In my mind, Jacob is surely my favourite. In Bella's mind... well.

I hope you can get Eclipse soon; it gets even more exciting there!

Debi said...


Yeah, I liked Jacob a lot, too! I can't wait to get Eclipse. Did you know Stephenie Meyer has written a new book?


Annie said...

HELL NO!!!!! EDWARD IS THE BEST! eclipse is sooooooooo much better than new moon! and stop giving away the whole book!

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