Thursday, May 24, 2007

Twinkling Fire

by Annie (age 10)

Twinkling fire in my eye
Twinkling fire in the sky

Twinkling fire, a mischievous glint
Twinkling fire, a sun distant

Twinkling fire, what do you ask?
Twinkling fire, what is your task?

Twinkling fire of death and despair?
Or twinkling fire of joy to be shared?


Jean said...

"Twinkling fire of death and despair." Ooh! I do like the imagery of this line! I also like the way it builds from just "a mischievous glint" to the "fire of death and despair." Again, the imagery. I picture someone on a spaceship approaching the sun. It's a glint and then (as my boys would say), BAM! It consumes you. Very neat, Annie. Thanks. It was nice to be distracted and get to ponder things for a moment.

Debi said...




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